Weight Loss Watcher

The Weight Loss Watcher needs organization and eyeballs to advance the battle against further weight gain.

..........Destination 170 lbs
.....Position 178 lbs.....
Origin 200 lbs..........

Do Weight Loss Pills Work?

I would guess the answer to that question is no. I can see that some weight loss pills will make you lose weight, but how healthy can that be. Trimspa seems to be the most famous, and its most famous client/spokeswoman, of course, is Anna Nicole Smith. As gorgeous as she is once again, she does not strike me as a spokeswoman for healthy weight loss. That being said, her weight loss was impressive, and if that and that alone is the goal, then Anna Nicole Smith is definitely your spokeswoman.

Here is a good article on the Anna Nicole Smith Trimspa story.

And here is a good forum on whether weight loss pills work.

Neither make a definitive statement about weight loss pills, but both state that healthy eating and exercise are essential to any weight loss strategy.