Weight Loss Watcher

The Weight Loss Watcher needs organization and eyeballs to advance the battle against further weight gain.

..........Destination 170 lbs
.....Position 178 lbs.....
Origin 200 lbs..........

Weight Loss Watcher is Back

This is one of those posts where somebody apologizes for the long time since the last post, and promises to post more often. In this case, the promise is for health purposes. As of this morning, I am weighing in at 190 pounds. Time to lose weight in case the sun ever shines on Chicago again.

Great Weight Loss Research Resource

I just read a press release for a weight loss research resource with no affiliation. Of course, the positive here is they are not selling anything, so there information should be unbiased. Below is an excerpt from the press release:
While Rapid Empowerment does endorse other resources that it believes would benefit its readership, there are no links or affiliations with any other company in the weight loss industry. This allows idealweightresearch.com to be an independent source of information, with the only aim of making their visitors experts on their on own body.
The site is Ideal Weight Research. The site discusses all techniques and pills, but always relates them to its mantra: If you burn more calories than you take in, you lose weight.

Janet Jackson Writing a Weight Loss Book

As a fan of the beautiful Miss Jackson (if you're nasty), I'll be looking forward to her book in which she discusses frequent weight loss and weight gain. I've been stuck in the same fluctuation boat since she was Charlene on Diff'rent Strokes.

Below is an excerpt from a recent interview:

I'm in the midst of writing (about) my journeys of weight loss and weight gain and weight loss. ... It's just really coming from my life, what was going on in my life, from my soul. So many people have asked me about it and how did I do it. Everybody has a story to tell so this is my little story about that portion of my life.

Weight Loss Pills Under Fire, Again!

I would guess that the number of weight loss pills that receive "over the counter" status is an incredibly tiny fraction of the number of weight loss pills that apply for it. Even those that achieve the status seem dangerous (just my opinion), so I can't even imagine what the rest are like.

Anyway, the fight is far from over for Xenical, which is a weight loss pill that can be is sold over the counter.

THE weight-loss drug Xenical is again under scrutiny, with the federal drugs regulator set to consider returning the medication to prescription-only status after a much-criticised advertising campaign.

Weight Loss Tools at About

About Weight Loss has a great list of weight loss tools. It's a great page to bookmark, as the free tools cover many topics. I refer to the Calorie Calculator quite a bit. Enter your weight and duration of workout, and it will list activities and calories burned in that timespan.


Article About Fellow Weight Loss Watcher

Here is a good article about a guy who lost 55 pounds in 54 days. If his weight remained the same after the next day, I would have opted for 55 pounds in 55 days. I think that sounds much cooler. Anyway, he has his own site. Below is an excerpt from the article.
Ray Bartley’s shocking day-by-day weight loss of 55 pounds in 54 days is captured on film in the new DVD, 55 Pounds in 54 Seconds. The documentary title comes from a special feature where the 54 days it took Ray to go from 275 to 220 pounds is accelerated to take place in 54 seconds.

The video sounds pretty cool. I'll link to it if he adds it to the site.

Losing the Thanksgiving Weight

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine saw me gain a pound. According to Oprah's friend, Dr. Oz, that's the national average.
The combination of celebration, abundant food, and the stress of travel and spending time with family makes overeating seem nearly impossible to avoid. Dr. Oz says not to focus on losing waist during the holidays. Instead, work to build muscle and keep stable so that you can lose waist after the gifts have been unwrapped, the decorations are back in the attic, and your cousins are back at their houses.
Good advice from America's Doctor. I have lost 2 pounds since Thanksgiving, bringing my new low to 178!